Bring on the ‘Un-look’ button: it’s time for a Social Media vaccine!

Every now and then there’s a furore in Social Media Land about some wisecrack’s recent film, photograph or audio track. Its notoriety spreads across the web in a matter of minutes and before you know it, the producers of aforesaid media deposit can claim levels of popularity unrivalled by any other film, photograph or audio track since… well, since about an hour ago.

It’s about time someone invented an ‘unlook’ or ‘unclick’ or ‘unhear’ button for those media exudates. The likes of the two bit film production companies who operate out of a bedroom in Neasden and produce their sleazy and dumbed down media offerings about Liverpool benefit from the likes of YouTube precisely because of its viral nature: you watch their clip, your viewing gets logged and as the views go up, their message spreads and they justify their effort because of the rapidly increasing viewing figures.

If there was an ‘unlook’ button on YouTube, you could see what all the fuss was about, click ‘unlook’, remove your viewing figure from their viewing figures and prevent their work from going viral. 1,000,000 flies might eat shit but we don’t have to join them. Its about time we realised that ‘going viral’ is how Corona Virus operates and the sooner some one can invent an antiviral, social media agent, the better.

Don’t look away now: the business start up is right behind you…

Start ups are in the midst of all of us – they might be operating the sound desk behind the big voiced American, collecting train tickets amongst the noisy suits and stilettos or selling burgers and chips to the dossed out and dazed.

But out there, amongst us, they are. Plotting and dreaming, wishing and scheming, ageing older and younger. They’ll be turning into those on the front of the stage, getting off the train and calling the vodka shots before they or us know it. They’ll be paying taxes, employeeing future wannabees and creating the fabric which holds the rest of society together any time tomorrow and we would be well advised to doff our caps, wish them well and hope that their dreams don’t become our nightmares.

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