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Does your firm own your arse?

It’s holiday time again and stories abound of friends flying around with agendas of lands to be visited, food to be eaten and locals to be gawked at.

Except that in these days of austerity, zero hours contracts and presenteeist-induced guilt, friends the length of the land are foregoing their holidays for the sake of finishing the unfinished job, securing the unsecured contract and completing the as yet incomplete project.

 ‘Just stay at work for a few more days‘ their firms are urging them; or even, ‘take that laptop on holiday with you’ or better still ‘look, forget the holiday. Just stay put. What do you wanna go travelling for in any case? When you’ve got everything you need on our doorstep?’

Guilt-tripped  friends are now either moving their holidays, not taking them or just ignoring them for the sake of keeping their employer off their necks and to save their jobs and reputations.

If you’re in one of those firms that think it owns your arse, just remember the terms of your contract. Assuming you have one. Remember what trade unions fought long and hard for over the centuries. Assuming you belong to one.  And remember the only person who owns your arse is you and make sure you take it with you on that well overdue holiday, fearlessly.