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Poetry on the Hoof: The Policy Police.

The Policy Police.
Monitor late shut downs,
Enumerate melts downs,
Determinate who’s in and out, what where and why.

The Policy Police.
Evaluate who’s right,
Defenestrate who’s wrong,
Celebrate nothing but the lazy well behaved.

The Policy Police.
Legislate the left side,
Navigate the right tide,
Execute state orders to an inch of their lives.

The Policy Police.
Over see poli-see,
Over look poli-do,
Hypocritic blockages to the human race.

Why is Health and Safety a contradiction in terms? Some advice for Human Resource Managers

If a healthy mind and body can be associated with minimising fear, hence reducing insecurity, increasing confidence and so on – then why does a combination of health AND safety in policy documents and organisational habits actually cause the opposite – ie encouraging tendendencies to be risk averse, to be fearful and anxious – and hence feel less secure, less confident?

Being healthy is not the same as being safe. “Health and Safety” as a policy mantra has the makings of  a phrase which has a capacity for its own inbuilt contradiction and self destruction. It’s a fallacious concept behind which many human resource managers cower and attempt to frighten their resources into behaving and moving in particular ways. They would be clearer in their intentions if they were to relable their policies as “health and risk” or  “fearfulness and safety” or  “health and insecurity”.

Being risk-tolerant (and attractive even)  is possibly one of the key features that makes us healthy, alive individuals instead of cowered, withdrawn amoebae.