Poetry on the Hoof: I am not a mere Biochemist

I am not a mere biochemist
I am a DNA replicator
Intent on duplicating  my Genome
Through Vivisection and Genetic trials on Mitochondrial Enzymes.
My Phage like protein coat mutates
and my skin steams with Sulphuric acid.

A poem on the hoof: thanks to Cliff Yates

Poetry on the Hoof: Scruffy Students

Sporty scruff
Sparky scruff
Just pissed up in the afternoon

Beery scruff
Hippy scruff
Permanent student in a beetle

Lecturer scruff
European scruff
We’re all mates together in a rugby scrum

Lectures seminars
Tutorials workshops
Doubting supremacist knowledge

The only unscruffy ones are the Arabs, Africans and Chinese.
Do they know something we don’t?

A poem on the hoof: thanks to my favourite postgraduates.