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Poetry on the Hoof: What are you trying to sell?

Overblown overwrought slush puppies hush puppies
Kill your babies.
This drip drip drip drip drip insidious rush
Filling the air like a full time nanny
Weasingly her way on a  roll of
Irritatingly blindingly supremely
Fuckingly all round the bend disbelief
Save for an odd moment of peace.
That would be nice
A silent moment
Nothing heard no-one no how
Chance would be  a fine thing.
Oh stop your warbling sugar coat
Saccarhine strumpet nonsense.
Switch off that Egg roll
dosing us up to our eyeballs
With manipulated secreted violented
Slush slish slash
Get out of my town fast
And call a halt to your
Internminable intangible curruscating
Bilge water that is
Drippping dripping dribbling down
Our chins until yes we yes
We yes please yes yes yes yes

(After a day in Beaumaris, performed by teachers and local authority officers.)