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Tips for Business Start Ups: step up to the plate and don’t let us down.

It’s a funny old thing, hearing about the emergence of a new business. You don’t necessarily see any change on the landscape, there’s clearly no sound of new born babies squealing, and to all intents and purposes the world before the business existed is very much like the world after it started to trade.

Except it’s not. The presence of a new business – symbolically seen in the fact that it now has a ‘proper’ name with the letters ‘Ltd.’ after that name – demonstrates that rather than nothing at all happening, the start-of-trade moment is a declaration of optimism, hope and ambition.

The declaration sends out signals that good things will happen: people will be employed and paid for their work, other people will buy goods or services which should make their own lives just a little bit easier to cope with and the world at large might benefit – however microscopically – from the new kid on the block. The start up trading moment offers glimpses to a better future for everyone.

So to all you new start ups out there: well done, it’s fantastic that you made it this far. Now, go forth and multiply and don’t let us down. We’re investing our hope for a better future in your endeavours and will live your triumphs and defeats with you.