Poetry on the Hoof: the hot desk and the habits of habituated people

Habituated office workers,
Establish habits.
Inhabit habitats of their own making and
Resist the habits of others.

You’re not from around ‘ere,
They sneer,
Over their cubicle parapets,
Building moats and pulling up drawbridges.

The more they’re habituated,
The more they resist.
Undermining The Others’ habits,
From their habituated offices.

There’s cakes in the kitchen,
Buns in the oven,
Drinks in the fridge,
But don’t think you’re getting any.

The hot desk. The freezing corridors.
Is how the habituated impose habit free zones on the habitless.
The former expect the latter to adopt habits,
Which accentuate their habitlessness.

There’s roast on the fire,
Pigs on the spit,
How come I never saw you
Steal that pizza offa my desk?