Confessions of an Ageing Tennis Player: read by David Robertson

This year, I’m planning to give Confessions of an Ageing Tennis Player a major re-boot by publishing it with Troubadour books.  I’ve been fortunate to meet a Derby based illustrator, Paul Warren, who has provided a fantastic set of images for the book which you can see on the campaign page here.

I’ve also been very lucky to involve David Robertson who has generously donated his time and skills to support the campaign.

This is how David and I came across each other in Leeds.

At a morning rehearsal at the Workshop Theatre, we learned to dance (as a couple) ‘La Comparasita’ while gliding over a corpse, in Mrozek’s Polish comedy, ‘Tango‘. David played a cynical, smarmy know-all and Nick, a callous brute of a butler. That horrific ending was strangely harmonious. Perhaps it led to our friendship, with the American director (Terry Conder) joining us.

Under the title ‘Three Way Split’, we went on to stage ‘The Dock Brief,‘ ‘The Zoo Story,’The Road to Emmaus’ (from a mystery cycle) and ‘The Madness of Lady Bright’ by Lanford Wilson which appealed to Nick. He changed his mind, however, and got a shock when he found the play was in fact to start. He went backstage and in the gloom asked a blonde where David Robertson was.  David gave him his Marlene Dietrich “Well, hello” voice, which knocked him sideways.

As well as setting up Three Way  Split, David was instrumental to a whole host of small scale touring theatre which toured across the UK including Swarthmore Studio Group, Pocket Theatre, Two Way Traffic, Wales Actors Company, Leeds Actors Company, Theatre of the Dales and recently, Hidden Leeds.

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