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Looks like he’s being chased by a bloody great lion,” said an old Yorkshireman as he gazed out of the window, back up the rail track at racing man this morning. And he was right. He had that comic book look about his running today; knees up high, head turned around looking fearfully behind him, his breathing obviously heavy and laboured judging by the breath clouds he was pumping out, locomotive like, high above him into the early morning frosty air. All that was needed was a few sound bubbles above him which read ‘whew‘ or ‘zoom‘ or ‘whoosh‘ for the effect of a man being chased by a lion to be completed.

Quite why a lion may have been let loose on the scrubland near East Midlands Parkway that racing man enjoys his habitual run on is anybody’s guess and old Yorkshireman wasn’t volunteering any reasons for that unlikely phenomenon. But it’s true, there could well have been a lion on the rampage down by the rail tracks this morning, judging by the urgency of racing man’s efforts.

I settled back into the seat, turned my head from the carnage that was about to take place trackside, and looked forward up the line towards the approaching eight cooling towers of the power station. I never liked looking back up the line as it only reminded you of where you had been, lions and all. Much better to be facing forward, anticipating a new future around the bend. I’m sure racing man will have felt the same, particularly today.