A Waiting Story: three solid weeks.

Getting into a habit is as difficult as getting out of it observed Marco. One of us is talking about tennis, the other is talking about smack.

He reckoned you need three solid weeks to change your habits in such a way that they would stick. Learning to play tennis over three solid weeks is a tad difficult unless you’re pensioned off to the Riviera. Coming off smack over three solid weeks is probably no easier unless you’ve got a pension the size of The Priory.

We’re both facing psychological stresses and changes of body shape, temperature and perception now we’ve decided to re-habituate our bodies and souls.

One of us is going to get thinner and fitter; one of us is going to get fatter.

One of us is on the verge of on being blown away in the wind; the other, on the verge of resembling the Michelin Man.

One of us will wait for the receding hairline to fade, the other will wait for the waistline to recede. We’ll both wait for the oxytocin to kick in.

Starting a new habit is all very well; ending another is a completely different ball game. But Marco and I have met in the middle; one losing by gaining, the other gaining by losing. Trouble is, we’re not sure which way round we should be. If we wait long enough, we’ll find out which habit has adopted us.

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