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Dear Peter,

Thanks for your recent analysis about the success of Jeremy Corbyn in the recent Labour leadership competition. I appreciate your acknowledgement that he won fairly and squarely, due to a massive mandate from those who voted for him,  coupled to alternatives who were alternating between providing an alternative to nothing and squabbling amongst themselves about whose cv was most in need of the top job of the most important job in GB politics right now.

I don’t appreciate though your presentation of his supporters as ‘retreads’. Come on, Peter, can’t you do better than that? We’ve been cast as crazy Trots (very funny, I like this one); naive students (very flattering in the circumstances) and deluded pensioners (that doesn’t even rhyme) – but retreads? Reconstituted second hand tyres you can buy at your local garage for a fiver? Give us a break.

Having said that, some of the best tyres I ever bought were from a garage in Garston. He was a new business and was doing very nicely selling tyres to those for whom new tyres were rapidly becoming luxury objet d’art rather than the essential components of a steering system which would get you from A to B safely and legally.

My garage recognised the promise of shiny new tyres soon evaporated in the turmoil that is every day traffic. They became dullened, dented, and invariably popped when you hit an errant sea gull who hadn’t got out of the way quick enough. The promise of the New Tyre became a curse and many of us found ourselves straddled with a means of transport which over promised, under delivered, and managed to disrupt the world’s rubber economy by destroying several rain forests at one and the same time.

Many of us soon saw that the only way to keep moving was the re-tread, Peter, and very thankful are we for those garages who keep us on the roads at a fraction of the cost that the shiny New Tyre incurs.

So, in hindsight (meet my best friend, Peter, Mr. Hindsight), casting Corbyn’s voters as re-treads is a compliment we shall aspire to live up to. The Retread may not be as shiny as the New Tyre, Peter, but you know where it’s been, you know it’s got a future ahead of it and you know it’s not going to simultaneously destroy the planet.