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Dear Andy, Liz and Yvette,

If there’s one time that at least two of you three Labour leader candidates should listen to your guru’s advice (and those of his spin doctors, the Daily Mail and Nosferatu), it’s now.

Jeremy Corbyn (he being the C in the ABC campaign) is poised to provide the biggest electoral shock to the system since the last one we were told about last week by the popular press and be democratically elected to fill the vacant shoes of the Labour Leader. If there was ever a time when the collected forces of the opposition to the opposition of the opposition should put their differences aside, then that time is now.

It cannot be beyond the combined intelligence of the BCK camps that whatever happens, at least two of you are going to fail in the forthcoming election. They too will be deemed to be unelectable so clearly won’t be much use to man, woman or beast in the future. And there’s a distinct chance that all three of you will fail as the C in ABC campaign confounds all the opinion mediators and actually wins handsomely and convincingly the coveted chalice that is the leadership of the Labour Party.

So, Mr and Mss BCK, is it not now, at this time of critical importance to the entire nation that at least two of you step down and allow your third compatriot to take on the combined forces of the C in the ABC campaign? Or would that just be too difficult for you to stomach? Would it be too much for your ego to acknowledge that you, as two thirds of the opposition to the opposition of the opposition should do the decent thing and step back and let C of ABC democratically slug it out with the one remaining member of the BCK clan?