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Dear Tony (and Neil and Gordon and Ed and David and and and for that matter);

Your increasingly hyperbolic protestations about the consequences of Jeremy Corbyn being elected to lead the Labour Party took a new turn recently when you likened his campaign and supporters to Alice in Wonderland politics.

You, of course, would know all about Alice in Wonderland, Tony. Whether this is due to casting yourself as the Mad Hatter (due to all that Mercury you found in those non existent WMDs), the Cheshire Cat (with its permanently inane grin and ability to shape shift in the shake of a whisker) or the Red Queen (off with those Iraqi heads!), we can’t be too sure but you’ve clearly got the ability to drive us all down rabbit holes, turn the world upside down and get us thinking that war is peace, black is white, day is night and that so called Labour grandees know all about how to get elected.

Let’s be clear (I remember you saying frequently before managing to obfuscate for England), those who are issuing dire warnings about the Labour Party becoming unelectable have hardly got the best track record of electability have they? Ed Milliband (in case you’ve forgotten in that Tony in Wonderland head of yours) lost the 2015 election for Labour. Gordon Brown lost the 2010 election. Neil Kinnock lost the 1987 election. David Milliband couldn’t even win the election against his own brother so the grizzled old timers you refer to as providing wisdom in those Alice in Wonderland warnings are about as trust worthy as the March Hare: they don’t say what they mean and they don’t mean what they say.

Corbyn is no angel but at least there’s a chance with him that we’ll be Alive in a Future land of equity and sanity rather than face another 10 years of Tony wannabes in Purgatory Land if he gets to lead the Labour Party into the next election.