In the olden days love before the notion that we Creatives ever existed existed, people never quite knew how things were turned out. Especially if they, like me, worked in mega conglomerates whose sole raison d’être was to make shed loads of dosh for no reason at all other than to make sheds load of dosh.

How did things get invented? Mused the people. How did we innovate the plain old small nutty chocolate biscuit into a tasty after dinner treat which was dressed to impress the higher echelons of aristocratic society? The answer love is simple: it was the work of the humble Creative who was invariably chained up in a gargantuan dungeon which belonged to the firm and into which would be thrown small morsels of nourishment three times a day to stave off starvation of the increasingly deranged Creative.

In the olden days though love, they weren’t called Creatives and they had none of the professional benefits which we enjoy today. No, they were referred to as ‘those chaps in admin’ or ‘the girls in the typing pool’ or even worse, ‘that lot’: frequently accompanied by a vague wave of the hand in the direction of the corporation toilets. Because love in the olden days we Creatives were perceived as being not much higher up the evolutionary ladder than the humble sewer rat.

Happily enough though love times have moved on and we no longer have to suffer the slings and arrows from outrageous lower division marketing executives or fend off the contempt of our contemporaries. Because these days love we are out of the basement and up into the loft of some high value down town mid range kitchen unit condominium, the envy of our predecessors and source of amusement to those in the know.

These days love history has come to an end and we live in a permanent year zero with no one from accounts calling us to account for our follies and foibles: these days love the Creative is the source of all profit for that lot on the top floor of the multi-billion dollar corporation. No one knows how we do it; they know even less about how things turn out; but one thing they do know is that with one shake of our scaly tails, we can transform their business from a lowly potting shed into an agricultural miracle. They don’t know how, why, when, where or who: but they know the what of the bottom line and that is all that matters these days too for the life of the Creative.

We have our habits to maintain and a life style to stick to so if that means applying a little of our creative magic to the balance sheet of the corporation, then who are we to protest? Our history is never far away and no-one got rich quick by being locked up in a dungeon.