A Christmas Waiting Story: the Ant’s trail.

I am an ant and I move in mysterious ways. Not only am I an ant, but you are an ant too, we are ants and they are ants in case you were wondering. In fact I am not so much an ant but Ant: you too are not so much an Ant but Ant; we and they too are Ant.

I / we weave my / our trails up sunny hillside and down dusky dale, up and under fishy pet shop and over and through derelict railway station, trailing my / our scent in all corners, leaving no hoof unsullied by our preying antennae, no goldfish bowl unrimmed by our Antness, no detritus left uninspected by our unending inquisitiveness.

I / we taste all around me / us and glue together all the disparate voices and noises with our invisible slime trails, visible only to those who have Ant-Spectacles, obtainable from all top quality high street opticians.

We’re weaving a tapestry of Ant glue across the earth, ready for the moment to catch you when you fall and then spring you back up on your feet, waiting for your next steps in Ant World.

1 thought on “A Christmas Waiting Story: the Ant’s trail.

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