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As every burgeoning new business knows, there are a million pressures on all aspects of that business: tax pressures, income pressures, marketing pressures and every other kind of fusion related activity known to humankind. It’s amazing businesses get out of the ground at all, given the ever present inhospitable circumstances they find themselves in.

So, what should any self respecting business do right at the outset to channel those pressures and to make sure they don’t turn into fracking by products, suitable merely for squeezing into pipes and squirting high into the atmosphere? The most compelling appointment the business has to make in its early days is to hire a poet. Not a legal expert; not a financial guru and not a marketing maverick but a poet.

The reasons for this are simple. A poet invariably subtracts nothing from your turnover; hardly makes a mark on your bottom line of profitability; asks for the minimum amount of investment save for the odd pint of lager and bacon sandwich; and doesn’t need micro-managing every 30 seconds. In fact, the more micro-managing you insist upon, the less effective they are likely to be but that’s another story.

Despite these infinitesimal costs – and perhaps because of them – the value of the poet is immense. They will communicate the essence of your business in ways you could only dream of in your business plan; they will understand your purpose in the world in ways your friends and families will only ever infrequently glimpse; and they will cut through the surface of blag and blah that the usual business growth rhetoric tries to wrap around you and provide you with a more authentic way of talking about the moral purpose of your business.

What’s more, the insights of a poet will provide you with food for thought for the rest of your natural days, whether or not your business collapses in a heap in the gutter or soars to the stars it was intent on gazing upon from that very same gutter.

In short, a good poet will tell you and the world everything it needs to know about your business and your life: what drives you, what inspires you and what difference you seek to make to the world. The poet will talk of differences made and lives enhanced: not the mechanistic, military mind-fuck-talk of bottom lines and impact. A good poet will make you and your business wiser. Go on, employ one today: you know you want to.