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Carl, Carrie and Eric have been struggling recently with their businesses due to one thing they never expected to creep up on them: boredom.

Whilst their business plans have successfully steered them through the most adverse of circumstances- cash flow drying up, staff going AWOL when they should have been going the extra mile and supply chains which have turned into supply shackles, none of them had reckoned for the moment when they would wake up one morning and look at the day ahead and say to themselves: ‘how dull’ ‘how tedious’ and ‘is that all there is?’

It’s not as if any of them are working in sectors which are notoriously difficult to grow a new business in such as nuclear power or microsurgery instrumentation. On the contrary, they are all competing in very lucrative sectors. Carl bakes bread; Carrie sells flowers and Eric drives taxis. But one thing they all share, having spent over five years building their businesses and carving out a respectable niche in their local business ecologies in Scotland, is that they are now bored rigid.

Help has come galloping over the hills however in the form of a number of contemporary movements which they have aligned their businesses to and which have injected a new lease of life in their business purpose.

Carl has joined the Slow Bread movement which has given him new insights into yeast and how customers would rather spend days waiting for a loaf to rise in a garden shed rather than the usual 30 minutes in an automatic bread maker. Carrie has discovered a new lease of life by branding her seed packages as essential elements of the guerrilla gardening movement; and whilst Eric has considered the proposition of Slow taxis (nothing new there, then, Eric) and Guerilla taxi-ing (whereby taxis would take you to undesired destinations – again, nothing new there either Eric), the idea of joining the Digital taxi movement (which would involve driverless cars splitting up passengers from their luggage and delivering both to the same destination at different times) is filling Eric with hours of fun filled business re-planning.

So, if you’ve got bored with your business then you could do a lot worse to align it to one of the many movements out there which in their own way are crying out for new forms of activist engagement. Just add ‘slow‘, ‘guerrilla‘ or ‘digital‘ and your business will discover new legs and give you added oomph when you wake up in the morning. Failing that, you can always make your own movement: try ‘Independent‘ ‘messy‘ or ‘chaotic‘ when it comes to rejuvenating your business and watch those customers come flocking.