A Waiting Story: Glass, Oakey and Me

I. I was. I. I was working. I was was I working working.
I. I was working was I. I was. Was I?
I was working working as a waiter
As a as a as a waiter in a in a
I was waiting as a worker in a cocktail bar in a
Bar cocktail working waiter was I was. I was. I.


When. Met. I. When met. I. When met I you. You. I met. When. When. When. When.
I you. Picked. You. Up picked you. You. Picked. Up up up met I met I you up picked you met met met
Turned you round you turned into round thing some thing turned round new new new. When. Met. You you you. I.


Don’t. You. Want. Me?


I was waiting.

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