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It’s National Porridge Day!

And yet another national day of something promoting something that’s never needed promoting in the past. Spinach, verrucas and now porridge. As everyone in the Britain’s Got Talent generation knows, everyone and everything has a right for the national spotlight and today it’s the turn of porridge and its variants.

So, well done porridge for making it this far. In an age of Pot Noodle, Alcopops and instant show biz gratification your staying power is astonishing. Perhaps we could all take a leaf out of your cooking book and sustain ourselves for longer, further and faster. You truly are the Olympian of cereals.

So, if you’re looking to push your product or service out of its promotional comfort zone and upto its limits of plausibility, why not start a National Day of your very own?

Whether it’s cream tea, pizza toppings, pet insurance or vajazzles, no-one will contradict you and your business may hit the terrifying trending heights of Twitter in less time than it takes to cook a bowl of Scott’s Porridge Oats.

Damn it. I’ve succumbed to the hype. Well done porridge people, you’ve done it again.