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…the words, ‘write’, ‘business’ and ‘plan’.

And the first of these is ‘write’. Many business people and entrepreneurs’ experiences of schooling was atrocious to say the least and enough to put them off the act of writing for life. They may have been undiagnosed dyslexic or disruptive or bored or just plain misbehaved. They may have wanted to run away from an English teacher soon as look at them, never mind consider the rights and wrongs of Shakespearian heroes and heroines or mans inhumanity to man.

The second of these is ‘business’ and it’s connotations of being bedecked in suits, sat at computers and spouting garbage about bottom lines, differentials and leverage. The image of business as a laudable focus of human activity still has a long way to go before it has the same moral righteousness as medicine, law or premiere league football.

And the third is ‘plan’ and it’s conceit that life is plannable, controllable and responds to one’s instructions like a well behaved cruise liner that is not heading towards the rocks off the Italian coastline.

Apart from using these three little words, the act of setting up a new business is a relatively straightforward affair: and new entrepreneurs would be advised to develop their own lexicon of start up processes rather than rely on the deceptive folly implicit in the act of writing the business plan.