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Terry has been going through a radical shake up in his dry cleaning business in recent years. Should he diversify into website design or should he specialise in non solvent wetless cleaning? Should he employ staff or should he subcontract? Does he need to lay out a lot of money on capital? Or save it in the bank? Or under the mattress? Or just blow the lot on a life time trip to the Himalayas?

Part of the shakeup involves Terry looking back at his recent past to try and assess what’s worked well and what might have been better if only… And this is when Terry knows he has reached his own Himalayan mountain range when he confronts the almost insurmountable peak of the Mountain of What-Ifs?

The Mountain of What-Ifs? is unlimited in its potential treachery. What if he had done that? He might have fallen. What if he had gone there? He might have survived. What if he hadn’t employed them? Decided in this? Invested in that? Planned for the other? The Mountain of What-Ifs presents so many impossible options, there’s a real danger of Terry becoming completely immobilised by the sheer unknowability of what might have happened something else not happened earlier in his business life.

Help is at hand though to help him navigate this daunting obstacle: he has spotted the Glacier of Hindsight at its base which he thinks will allow him to skate easily around the Mountain of What-Ifs and off towards a brighter dry cleaning future. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and is everybody’s friend when faced with the Mountain of What-Ifs? Whether it becomes Terry’s friend remains to be seen.

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