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Albert, long time trawler man from Hull and tropical fish collector has a knack of breeding rare fish. Every week he gets more and more calls and emails about blue-toothed shark tails; skanky Liver Fish and the fashionable bulbous green-tail yellow-spotted dork fish. It’s a fascinating business and a visit to his fishy emporium can turn into a wistful meander past the boiling tanks, UV lamps and strange concoctions designed to ward off fishy ailments. You could spend many a melancholy afternoon there if you were so inclined.

One day a Japanese customer came in asking who the manager was. Albert, being the sole person in the shop answered in the affirmative. He then asked to meet his marketing manager; and obligingly Albert metaphorically changed hats and became the marketing manager… And as the meeting wore on, he donned more and more hats: credit controller, sales rep, production director, health and safety officer, animal welfare officer, the whole fishy works.

Now he’s trading internationally, he’s had to swop these hats for one that’s labelled CEO and its a strange hat to wear after so many trilbies, fezzes and other assorted hat wear.

But he’s learnt that if he wants to sell sushi to the Japanese, he needs a good job title that places him and his plaice in the right place in the customers mind. This is a tricky recasting of identity for some start ups – but essential if you want your fish shop to sell more than chips and the occasional gherkin.

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