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It has come to the attention of the Greater Dunblane Tennis Club Committee that the author of this blog, Mr. A. Murray Esq. has been contravening the rules and regulations of the Club since June 2013 namely:

* Bringing the club into disrepute (Para. 1.14, section 22);

* Lobbying for an official position in the Club’s committee when expressly informed not to by a current official (Para 2.44 section 89)

* Making unsubstantiated allegations of criminal activity against other club members (Para 8.02 section 167iii);

* Making insulting and offensive comments about club members in the public bar (Para 33.16 section 533iv);

* Refusing to conduct himself in an orderly fashion when asked to leave the premises (Para 55.25 section 866xix);

* Damaging club property viz a vis the Club grass tennis courts (Para 117.54 section 1446xxxiv)

* Behaving in an inappropriate manner on other club property viz a vis urinating on the Club Cricket pitch (Para 242.42 section 3955cxxxix).

As a result of these contraventions, Mr. A. Murray Esq. has been banned from the club, its premises and the use of any of its assets until such time as the committee see fit to reinstate his membership.

He has been instructed by the Club Secretary, Ms Grace Favour to desist from publishing any further inflammatory material on this or any other social networking site or through any other medium whatsoever. Refusal to comply with this instruction will result in legal action against Mr. Murray.

Should you wish to contact him please do so through the normal channels. This site has now been suspended.

Ms. Serena Williams,
Greater Dunblane Tennis Club.
1 January 2014