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You won’t make money although you might make a living. You won’t become famous although you might make someone else, something else. You won’t own your own thinking as someone else will claim their ownership over your thoughts. You won’t have your own time or run your own timetable, which is fine if you’re happy to be dictated to by someone else’s stop watch.

However, you will be able to contribute fixing someone else’s problems, fill a temporary gap and invite someone to lunch on the back of it. You may even be given an email address which you can use as your own, albeit with usual security provisos of not sending out inflammatory viruses or cod spam messages which are of no interest to man nor beast.

You will be able to wear a company badge that brings into their fold and counts you as one of them. Ultimately, the main pleasure of working for someone else is that you belong to something bigger than you, have joined a club and can happily stare out at those who are pressing their noses against the window of that club and say, ‘Yeh. I’m inside the tent. You’re outside it.”

But where’s it raining the heaviest?