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The perception of creativity and understanding of creative processes can mean many things to teachers and artists  who spend their time working together.  As one early years practitioner recently said to me:

I think a lot of it’s about talking about what you’re seeing –  I’m able to look at those pictures and respond to them in certain ways, which hopefully will provoke a response and make people look at them in different ways….  Now I look at creativity totally different… just even having a conversation could be creative…. you’re using your imagination, you’re using all you skills that you have and anything really… creativity is such a broad thing and to me, I think my creativity lies in trying to lead slightly new initiatives and enthuse people and be able to write about it and put it together that way, rather than enhancing my art based activity with the children.

Or as another educator succinctly put it, Creative’s everything isn’t it?

By this point, you might consider whether one can you have too much of a good thing.  Can  creativity really be all things to all people all of the time?  What has happened in the process of artists working with educators which has led to an understanding of the metaphor of creativity as an all encompassing concept which applies to all contexts – and what are the implications of this understanding of creativity to the practice of artists and educators?

We read in the literature of Historical  or ‘H’ Creativity in which creativity is solely the domain of ‘great’ individuals (Gardner, Boden), or alternatively the writings  of  Anna Craft who refers to the notion of ‘little ‘c’ creativity in which creativity is demonstrated in the personal sphere of possibility thinking and problem solving for example: might we now talk about M-creativity – or molecular creativity, the phenomenon by which creativity is present in all aspects of human endeavour in all moments of the day – and means whatever we want it to mean.

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