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… You leave your passport at home cos you’d left your laptop bag in the back of a van in Delhi and then not put it back where it belonged and then not checked it…

… you get a taxi to the wrong Oslo airport and finally get involved in a mad dash through the snow to get the plane by the skin of your teeth…

… you realise that carrying locked luggage through Amsterdam is not just about stopping people taking things out – but stopping others from putting unwanted things in…

… you assume don’t need a visa to go to Lithuania via Byelorussia…. and then get marched off a train at gunpoint and surrounded by dogs..

And yet we repeat it, time and time again, forgetful of the previous foolishness because all that foolishness is about bringing so much more connection and possibilities for change.

Future travel is not just about the economic imperative it brings – the ‘export’ agenda – but the opportunity of fresh insights new languages alphabets texts and musics and the realisation just how much we share our desire to listen to artists, to see theatre, to visit galleries, to guide the young, to eat, and to eat and drink with utter strangers.

And it’s when you travel when you can invent the most preposterous of ideas and schemes. All the shackles come off and you think never mind blue sky but brilliant blue purple vermillion ochre and cobalt blue skies with no holds barred, and no sense of what is not possible. This is disinhibition gone completely berserk but perhaps none the worse for that and is something to be encouraged even though the end points may end up nothing like the starting points.

This is a consequence of international travel for which one must give thanks whilst simultaneously wondering where it’s all coming from. You look at yourself sitting in strange hotel patios with strangers inventing God only knows what and wondering why.