Poetry on the Hoof: Happy 100th Sir Cliff Richard!

Birthday, blog, or whatever you like,
100 of anything is a mark of what?
Well, something.

Sto Lat they sing in Polish – may you live to be 100!
You’ve even gone beyond that!
The rest of us have buggered off the planet
A long time before,

Counting our blessings
that we found some merciful release
from the pains twitches irritants and subterfuges
that made up daily life.

Happy 100th birthday to you you poor sod.
Hope you can find someone or something
to share the gathering suspicion that

You might never die at all.
You may live to a ripe, indiscernible, old, age,
which no-one has been able to count upto, or beyond, before

Without falling asleep themselves
never to awaken again,
exhausted in their efforts to keep up with your

Relentless unending agelessness.
We wish you a
Happy Birthday your Poor Old Sod.

With respect to Cliff Richard’s 100th album – and everyone who has been able to listen to all of them and remain alive and kicking.

Author: drnicko

Awarded an MBE for services to arts-based businesses, I am passionate about generating inspiring, socially engaging, creative practice within educational contexts both nationally and internationally.

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