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Arts workshop,
Sickly sweet music.
Powerpoints slide in. And out.
Caution: Smug artists at work.
Who else is in the room?

Anna? Otta? Holland?
Arts are beyond words
Stuff goes into a
Different part of your brain.
We’re going to experience
An experiential journey
Towards some conclusions.

Add musician. Tommy? Reg? Dick?
It’s not easy
we’re not used to switching from left to right brain.

Tommy says Listen!
I gather peoples stories from turkey morocco
I’m juggling 2 cultures
Islam vs etc.
I’m going to tell you a story in music about a girl who came to Holland.

The frame has set the picture.
Had we not known this,
those pictures wouldn’t have been so obvious.
This is not beyond words at all.
But reliant on commentary.

Tommy part 2
The circle rationale,
Energy in the room is better
I get paid to learn new things this is my job
Training as a saxophonist
Were gonna sing a song together.
Oh fab
He gives melody
We give words
Fucking lalala
Give us a word that summarises this.
Thank you for sharing this learning experience