7 gifts from artists to teachers

Whilst lots of artists in schools work naturally focuses on what the kids get out of the experience, the benefits to teachers can get overlooked and undervalued. Here’s a starter list to be going on. Thanks to Rachel Phelps for the prompt!
Artists allow teachers:
1. How to write beyond the habit of writing in bullet points and cut and pasting comments onto students report cards. How to role model creative writing to students and develop voice, style and expressivity and go beyond secretarial niceties.
2. How to read for pleasure, as opposed to reading for assessment, policy keepie-uppie, and duty. How to share, discuss and think about literature in ways which aren’t linked to syllabus assessment or exam grades.
They also:
3. Remind them that teachers are creative individuals, that teaching and learning is fundamentally a creative process and that artistry and creativity isn’t the sole preserve of artists or ‘creatives’.
4. Offer a lateral view of the world, different emphases, views of the other.
5. Catalyse discomfort and shakiness in ‘natural’ and ‘common sense’ orthodoxies and working out of their comfort zones.
6. Open up the classroom to the wider world of other cultural sites, practices, habits, languages
7. Offer different ways of thinking.
More to follow!

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