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I spotted it when the dinner tray in front  slowly lifted
Back to the slot in the back of the chair in front of me
My paunch and plexus were expanding
Outwards inexorable steadily
The air steward threw me a filthy look
And he scuttled off to tell the stewardess
Who made an excuse
To come and verify her colleagues observations
The captain made an announcement
Due to unforeseen circumstances
We shall have to rearrange the furniture
And take the deck chairs off the flight deck
There was a minor panic
Caused I’m convinced
By the holiday makers from Torremolinos
Singing something salacious from the Titanic
But after all that hullaballoo
We landed safely in Sydney
Me lodged tight in the cargo hold
Passengers clinging to the wings
The crew flying by the seats of their pants.

A poem on the hoof: thanks to Cliff Yates and Brian Eno.