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Dear Reader,

Thanks very much for taking the time to visit my blog: a page and some posts which give me an opportunity to relax a bit and bang on about something or another.

And I do tend to bang on quite a bit about all sorts of stuff… you’ll find provocations in my pet subjects of creativity, arts education, schools, lifelong learning and business and lots more besides.

My specialist ‘banging on about…’ subject is probably the state of contemporary traffic across the world – and in particular taxi drivers, whether of the Black Hackney Cab variety or the private hire sort.  This may sound a tad extreme, but there is a crisis of knowledge in the world these days.  What we know, why we know it, what we don’t know, who knows it and who doesn’t and what counts as knowledge are all vital questions on this side of the millenium and taxi drivers (and indeed other road users) provide some excellent insights into this contemporary crisis.

You can see my most pet of pet banging on subjects in the menu bar above.  Or if you’re really a glutton for punishment, hop around the categories on the side of the page too.  There’s nothing I’ve not got a half formed opinion about!

Sometimes I try telling myself to shut up for a bit but I’m afraid I just can’t help it. So… please bear with me, and if it gets too much – just hit the delete button, I won’t mind in the slightest.

Alternatively, if you want to read something a bit more sobering from me, you can always leap over to this site’s sister blog here.

Happy reading: I hope you get fired up to bang on about something, somewhere, somehow yourself!

2 thoughts on “Home: 1001 things to bang on about”

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